Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Use MyLab

The most important part of your class this year will be the MyNorthstarLab site. There you will find homework, important class annoucements, and special review materials.

You will need two codes to log on: the access key that comes with your book and your class section id. Please refer to the chart below to find the your codes:

Academic English A2 Wednesday & Friday:

  1. Class Code: 09446033
  2. Second ID: CRSCD45-1017145

Academic English A2 Tuesday & Thursday:

  1. Class Code: 09446034
  2. Section ID: CRSCDZH-816763

Detailed instructions and videos in Korean are avalible at MyLab Support. Here is a video overview of the site.

How To Use MyLab (KU) from Pearson Longman Korea on Vimeo.

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